Memecoin party will end and the last person will pay the bill

2024 is, as of now, the year of Memecoin, These cryptocurrencies and tokens, whose only value is that they have the name and image of some Internet meme, have emerged like shooting stars, shining with the brightness of a meteorite, promising instant wealth to those who ride the wave. Dare to ride.

With a performance that has left “boring” Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) behind, these cryptocurrencies and tokens that lack solid technical foundations seem to defy the laws of financial gravity.

In the following graph provided by CoinGecko, you can see The 4 most appreciated digital assets in the last 30 days (Top 100 by market capitalization). They are all memecoins:

The most appreciated cryptocurrencies and tokens in the last 30 days. Source: CoinGecko.

However, this parade of extraordinary profits is driven by FOMO (fear of missing out), financial nihilism and a highly speculative market. It’s destined to meet the twilight,

Like a house of cards facing the wind of realism, Sooner or later the Memecoin building will collapse, The saddest thing is that it will push down those who could not understand the time to leave the party.

Memecoins, at their core, are mere bets in a casino where the lights don’t go out and the music doesn’t stop… until one day, suddenly, it all comes to an end.

Lured by the glow of fleeting wins, gamblers often forget that The game is designed to favor the “home” Or, in this case, those who pull the market strings.

This frantic dance around easy money ignores an inevitable truth: Everything that grows irrationally must eventually face the reality of its intrinsic value.Which is practically non-existent in the case of Memcoin.

The history of cryptocurrencies is replete with fads that ended as suddenly as they began. CryptoNoticias, in its almost 9 years of life, has given extensive coverage to the fads of NFTs, Metaverse, ICOs, etc.

All these fads bided their time, promising to revolutionize the financial world. However, when the novelty wore off and the mirage vanished, many investors found that the party was over, and the bill, unfortunately, was still pending. Memecoins are undoubtedly following this predictable script,

For those who remain “married” to their Memecoin investments, convinced that the last dance will never come, reality promises a rude awakening. They will be the ones who will ultimately provide exit liquidity For those smart or lucky ones who knew when it was time to say goodbye.

Being the pillar on which others stand to secure their escape is not something to be overlooked. This is a sobering reminder In the Memecoin market, like any party, someone has to pay the bill in the end.

conclude that Memecoin is more of a bet than an investment Casinos have to recognize the reality of what this market has become. It is not wise to bet more than you are willing to lose, especially in games where the rules are not completely clear.

For those who still want to explore this fleeting world, the wisest strategy is to remember The odds are against continued profits,

Investing in memecoins – if you can call it investing – should be viewed with the same caution with which one would treat a game night in Las Vegas: fun, potentially profitable in the short term (though with no guarantee of success), But ultimately the last, The greatest odds are against the bettor. At the great Memecoin Casino, It’s important to know when to get up from the table,

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