OnePlus 12 Released: With a powerful punch, OnePlus 12 redefines flagship performance

OnePlus 12

The OnePlus 12, the company’s newest flagship device, has been formally introduced. Packed with state-of-the-art features and specifications, it’s a real powerhouse. Is it, however, worth the hype? Let’s examine the OnePlus 12’s internal workings by delving into the most recent tech news. 

Supercharged Specifications: 

Display, Battery, and Charging: The OnePlus 12’s 6.82-inch 2K 120Hz LTPO ProXDR display is incredibly bright, reaching a peak brightness of 1500 nits. Watching becomes incredibly immersive, with buttery-smooth graphics and vibrant HDR content. A large 5400mAh battery that supports both 50W AIRVOOC and 80W SUPERVOOC wireless charging powers this beast. With about thirty minutes, you may go from 0% to 100% and experience worry-free usage all day long.

Processor & Camera: The Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 CPU, together with up to 16GB of LPDDR5X RAM, is the undisputed leader under the hood. Whether you’re editing high-resolution films, multitasking, or gaming, this combination guarantees lightning-fast performance.  The Hasselblad 4th Generation camera system raises the bar for mobile photography. Even in low light, the 50MP primary sensor, 48MP ultrawide lens, and 3x periscope telephoto lens provide incredibly clear and colourful photographs.

Dynamic Performer: 

Without a question, the OnePlus 12 is a superb performer. Real-world usage is also amazing, and benchmarks have demonstrated significant gains over its predecessor. Even the most demanding games run smoothly at the maximum settings, apps start swiftly, and multitasking is effortless. Even during long gaming sessions, performance is maintained thanks to the innovative Dual Cryo-velocity cooling system, which keeps everything cool under strain. 


  • Excellent specifications: Packed with the newest and best hardware, the OnePlus 12 is a legitimate flagship challenger.
  • Magnificent display: One of the best on the market, the 2K 120Hz LTPO ProXDR display provides an amazing viewing experience.
  • Superb camera: The 4th generation Hasselblad camera system produces amazing images and films.
  • Quick charging ensures that you’ll never be stuck with a dead battery for too long thanks to 80W SUPERVOOC and 50W AIRVOOC charging.
  • OxygenOS 13: The most recent iteration of OxygenOS provides a streamlined, seamless, and adaptable user interface.


  • Cost: The base variant of the OnePlus 12 starts at ₹64,999, making it a pricey device.
  • Lack of a microSD card slot: For those who depend on expandable storage, this could be a deal-breaker.
  • Plastic back: Rather than glass, the rear panel is composed of plastic, which gives it a less upscale appearance.
  • Limited Availability: Due to strong demand, the OnePlus 12 may first experience difficulties with availability, which could cause delays for enthusiastic buyers.

To sum up, the OnePlus 12 seems to be a flagship smartphone that pushes technological limits and provides consumers with an amazing range of features and capabilities.  However, some customers could be put off by the expensive price and the absence of a microSD card slot. All things considered, the OnePlus 12 is a strong competitor in the flagship market and is certainly something to think about if you’re searching for a phone that can withstand all of your demands.