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Scientists Say: Confirmation Bias

Confirmation bias (noun, "kan-fer-me-shun bi-us") Confirmation bias is our natural tendency to seek out and believe information that confirms what we already think — and...

Scientists are still not sure why dogs wag their tails

animal welfare: A concept that describes the quality of life of an animal. Good animal welfare means animals are safe, comfortable, healthy, well-nourished...

Family, friends and community inspired these high school scientists

teenager: Someone in that transitional stage of physical and psychological development that begins at the beginning of puberty, usually between the ages of 11...

Scientists say: carbon capture

Algae: Single-celled organisms, once considered plants (they are not). As aquatic organisms, they grow in water. Like green plants, they depend on...

Scientists say: Megalodon

calcium: A chemical element and alkali metal that is common in minerals in the Earth's crust and in sea salt. It is also...
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