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Dozens face riot charges in El Paso County


Records show that some of the illegal entries were linked to the same day a large group of immigrants passed Texas guards near the border wall.

El Paso, Texas (Border Report) – At least 57 people are facing state charges for participating in the riots in El Paso County. Some were federally charged with illegal entry into the United States on March 21, records show.

That same day a large group of presumptive asylum-seekers tore through razor wire Texas property and forced their way through a barrage of Texas Army National Guard troops.

Court records show that Venezuelan nationals such as Omar Alejandro Greatrol Colmenares and Jose Guillerte Acosta, charged with improper entry by an alien, were committed to federal custody for an extra day of time already served, then transferred to state custody pending trial.

Records show Greatroll is being held on $42,000 bond in El Paso County on state charges of participating in a riot and criminal mischief under $30,000; Guilarte has a $57,000 bond for similar charges.

Seven people were charged with participating in the riot following a March 28 complaint, according to a state court records search. The remaining 50 were charged on March 29

KTSM and Border Reports have reached out to the Texas Department of Public Safety for comment and to find out if charges are pending against additional defendants. DPS did not immediately respond.

The events of March 21 unfolded as hundreds of immigrants gathered near the border wall south of El Paso the same day a federal court suspended Texas’ controversial SB4 law, which gives local police the power to arrest undocumented immigrants.

Tensions flared and a large group of immigrants tore through the razor wire set up by Texas south of the U.S. border wall and attempted to break through the Texas Guard troops. A guard was thrown to the ground and a Honduran national later identified as Evaristo Benitez Martinez allegedly struck the guardman’s knee repeatedly, court documents allege.

Texas Tactical Border Force Guard members arrive in El Paso March 26, 2024 to provide additional security along El Paso’s southern border. (Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

Benitez has been charged with assault on a public servant.

After the conflict, Texas deployed an additional 200 Guard troops to El Paso, rebuilt and strengthened razor wire, considered state property, and played a recording in Spanish constantly reminding immigrants on the Rio Grande that it was illegal to enter the United States. port of entry


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