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Invest in Bitcoin or MicroStrategy Shares? Michael Saylor replies


Important facts:
  • Saylor highlighted that Bitcoin is a financial asset without counterparty risk.

  • “I expect Bitcoin to be here in 1,000 years, but MicroStrategy won’t be there,” the businessman says.

First of all, if anyone is confused or is just taking their first steps into the Bitcoin (BTC) ecosystem, we will clarify MicroStrategy (MSTR) is the publicly traded company with the most BTC in its treasury,

At the time of this publication, MicroStrategy holds 214,246 declared BTC, This means, as detailed by CryptoNoticias, 1 out of every 100 BTC in existence is held by this company.

On the other hand, Michael Saylor is the Founder of MicroStrategy And what dictates your recurring Bitcoin purchasing strategy. He is known for his bullish outlook for the digital currency created by Satoshi Nakamoto.

As a result of the Bitcoiner strategy of the company, which provides computer services, MSTR stock has been greatly helped by Bitcoin’s bullish cycle.

Even, percentage-wise, investment returns have been higher in MSTR than BTC, as can be seen in the following graph. trading view,

Bitcoin price (red and green candles) and MicroStrategy stock (orange line). waterfall: trading view,

so, Could investing in MicroStrategy stock be a better idea than investing in Bitcoin? Michael Saylor was asked this during a recent conference. Saylor responded that these are two completely different investments.

“Bitcoin is a commodity (Goods), an asset without an issuer,” Saylor explained, on the other hand, saying, “There’s always counterparty risk” if you invest in a company like MicroStrategy, When saying this, for example, the businessman mentions liquidity risks, credit problems or operational deficiencies that may occur in the company and which cause the shares to fall.

Additionally, investing in MSTR (or any other stock) requires more knowledge. According to Saylor, you will need to carefully read 1,000 pages of disclosures and prospectus to invest in his company. instead, Keeping Bitcoin in a wallet is very easy and accessible to anyone.,

«Let me make one thing clear: people in Nigeria cannot self-custody MicroStrategy shares. “What we are trying to solve (with Bitcoin) is the problem of integrity, sovereignty, freedom and creating hope for the world.”

Michael Saylor, Founder of MicroStrategy.

still, Owning Bitcoin also requires some knowledge, Saylor is no stranger to this and says: “I would recommend anyone interested in Bitcoin to study it before buying. And then, after studying Bitcoin for 100 hours there, yes, I would say you should buy Bitcoin.

By way of closing, the MicroStrategy founder explains what is arguably his best reason for preferring Bitcoin over shares of a company, even if it is his own:

“I am not here to promote my company. I hope Bitcoin will be here in 1,000 years. But my company won’t be.”

Michael Saylor, Founder of MicroStrategy.


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