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Former deputy amid video scandal files lawsuit against Lee County Sheriff’s Office


LEA COUNTY, NM (KRQE) – After a video tore her world apart, Karina Tello, a former deputy, is taking legal action against her former employer, the Lea County Sheriff’s Office. Tello, who lost his job in the fall, alleges wrongful termination and failure to properly address the incident.

In 2023, Tello found himself at the center of a scandal after three of his former colleagues and another officer sent a nude video of Tello to multiple recipients, including Tello’s fiancee, the wife of a colleague, and senior officials in the department, including Sheriff Corey Helton. . The accused are Sergeant Sonia Estrada, Deputies Diana Jurado-Garcia and Eileen Vizcarra, and Water Police Officer Alyssa Porras.

Speaking about his ordeal in early March, Tello revealed the emotional toll it took on him and his family, citing financial stress and the toll on his nine-year career in law enforcement. Benjamin Gubernick, Taylor’s attorney, said, “They’re not going to investigate the underlying crime here. They will not judge those who have done it. And they keep circling the wagons and blaming the victim.”

The lawsuit, filed March 19, names four women involved with high-ranking members of the Sheriff’s Office, including Sheriff Corey Helton. It alleged wrongful termination and failure of management to involve or involve the state police in the investigation.

Gubernik emphasized the importance of accountability, saying that those responsible for such actions will not escape consequences. “I hope you know that the state police prosecution and this case will drive home for people who may be in the same position that the law still protects you.”

In response to the lawsuit, the Lea County Sheriff’s Office issued a press release saying, “In light of the recent publicity surrounding the Lea County Sheriff’s Office and Lea County, we strongly deny the allegations. We feel confident that we will emerge victorious when all the facts are presented.”


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