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Binance executive sues Nigeria for violating his rights


One of the Binance executives detained in Nigeria has formally censured the authorities of that country before the courts for violating his fundamental human rights (HR).

I am agree with you reports From the local press, Tigran Gambarian, captured in the African country in late February, accused the National Security Advisor, Nuhu Ribadu, and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Violating their rights.

Gambarian, who is in the custody of Nigerian authorities, demanded in a motion that his detention and passport seizure be qualified As a violation of the Nigerian ConstitutionApproved in 1999.

The executive also requested that he be released from custody and that his passport be immediately returned to him. Similarly, he requested that a perpetual injunction be ordered, Which prevents Nigerian authorities from arresting him again.

In February 2024, two executives from Binance, the world’s largest Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency exchangeHe was arrested in Nigeria when he went to that country for a meeting. According to officials, the arrest comes as a result of an investigation by the country against a cryptocurrency exchange platform that operated “illegally.”

Tigran Gambarian asked the court to order the defendant officers publicly apologize for the arrest, This, after indicating that he had not committed any crime and that he was not informed of any violations committed in Nigeria.

As you see, the reason for the arrest is that the Nigerian government is “seeking information from Binance and making demands against the company.”

In fact, the government there has been eyeing Binance since the middle of last year. The Securities and Exchange Commission of that country, in addition to accusing the platform of operating illegally in Nigeria, demanded the exchange to stop provoking Nigerians. To use the exchange houseAs reported by CriptoNoticias.

Executive Nadeem Anzarvala was arrested along with Tigran Gambarian. However, this person A few days ago the Nigerian managed to escape from custody. And taking advantage of his colleague’s move, he filed a similar complaint against the National Security Adviser, Nuhu Ribadu, and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

Despite the demands, trial judge Inyang Ekwo adjourned the hearing until 8 April. During this, Gambarian is in custody and Anjarwala has fled, And without being able to legally leave the African country.

Nigeria and four others investigate Binance

Nigeria is one of five countries that Binance is currently targeting. That country is joined by the United States, Brazil, France and the Philippines, which accuse the platform of promoting various financial crimes. Such as money laundering and terrorist financing.

Nigeria’s pressure on Binance comes in the context of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency adoption grows at a steady pace in that country, Actually, that’s it another nation With the largest presence of crypto assets, second only to India, according to analysis firm Chainalysis.

The trend of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is continuously increasing in that country. Source: Chainalysis.

However, that country, at the same timeIts local currency is undergoing severe devaluation, The Naira, whose crisis is caused by falling oil prices, corruption and poor economic management.

However, Nigerian authorities are looking for other responsible actors, targeting Binance, even demanding accurate and detailed information on transactions from them. Among the top 100 cryptocurrency users in that country.


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