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Bybit brings airdrops from Bitcoin rollups and Solana memecoins


Important facts:
  • One of the airdrops extracts tokens from a Bitcoin rollup called Merlin Chain.

  • Solana has 7 current Bybit airdrops, including BONK, DRIP, and AURY.

Bybit, through its Airdrop Arcade portal, is making various rewards available in the form of tokens. Currently, there are three active airdrops on Bybit, which can be participated in using the Bybit browser wallet.

To participate in these airdrops, it is a necessity Create an account on Bybit To gain access to the exchange wallet.

One of these airdrops will distribute 100,000 MERL tokens, which is equivalent to approximately US$6,000 at the time of writing. To qualify, Bybit recommends depositing “100 USDT or more worth of Bitcoin into your Bybit wallet for a better MerlinChain experience.”

For participateThe user must stake the equivalent of USD 100 in Bitcoin or more, which is achieved First download the Bybit Wallet extension and going towards Marilyn Chen websiteWhere you can build a bridge for the Merlin seal.

Marline Chain This is the second layer of Bitcoin. waterfall: bybit

The cost of this action is 0.0003 BTC. According to Bybit, “The more you bet, the more MERL you win, even if you lose the draw.”

Merlin Chain is the second layer of Bitcoin (Layer 2) “which integrates the ZK-Rollup network, decentralized oracles, and on-chain BTC fraud-proof module.”

Bybit has multiple airdrops on Solana

Bybit, on the other hand, has Many air drops in Solana Whose total distribution is equal to US $ 120,000.

The first of them, DRIP, gives an NFT to your Bybit wallet by doing a few simple tasks, including simply following the Twitter accounts of Bybit and the project involved.

Another simple function is to link the wallet to Aury for hatching, which allows you to join a draw for up to US$50,000 in AURY tokens.

At the time of writing Solana has 7 airdrops available on Bybit. Source: Bybit

An additional airdrop this time from Kamino Finance involves adding X’s account (Twitter) and following the official account kaminofinance, The remaining task to qualify is to deposit 100 USDT into any liquidity pool of the said DeFi protocol.

Meanwhile, an airdrop of Solana’s memecoin, BONK, will distribute rewards among those who make at least one trade on this memecoin’s exchange protocol, BONKswap. this airdrop It will also sell Solana mobile devices called Saga, which will hit the market in 2025.

Yet another airdrop involves the ORCA decentralized exchange, and it’s easy to do. It simply involves following the X account of this DEX and trading any amount on its service.

A latest airdropFrom a project called Planet MOJO, it distributes $150,000 in mystery prizes to the first 15,000 participants who complete all tasks. According to Bybit, Planet Mojo is “an interoperable Web3 gaming ecosystem created by LucasArts, EA, and Activision giants, supported by Animoca Brands, Merit Circle, and others.”


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