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Spain cancels the order to block Telegram


Finally, Telegram messaging service will not be suspended in Spain. The measure, which had been expected to come into effect on March 25, was postponed by National Court judge Santiago Pedraz.

According to a publication issued by the National Court on March 25, the judge has decided to temporarily postpone the suspension until the preparation and evaluation of a report on the platform by the Office of the General Commissioner. This means that, for now, In Spain it will be possible to continue using Telegram normally,

The magistrate requests detailed information through a statement About Telegram FeaturesAs well as on the impact of the temporary suspension on Spanish users.

In that sense, the Fesua Consumer Association celebrates A “flood of criticism” from users and civil society organizations has reached Pedraz. “Reactions to this measure have prompted magistrates to consider the impact of Telegram’s termination,” the organization said in a message on Twitter.

Fesua warned of the negative consequences that the judicial decision would have for millions of Telegram users and for companies, organizations and public and private institutions that legally disseminate content through the platform.

As reported by CriptoNoticias, last Friday, March 22, the same judge Pedraz ordered Spanish telecommunications operators to block the Telegram service. a measure he will be accepted this mondayLeaving the service disabled in the Iberian country (unless one of the methods to bypass the Telegram block has been used).

Spain’s Superior Court of Justice ordered the suspension of the Telegram messaging application’s services in the country after several companies complained that the platform allowed users to host content that violates their rights without permission. Permission was given. According to intellectual property rights, a judicial source.

Telefónica, Atresmedia, EGEDA, Movistar and Mediaset were the companies that filed the complaint. And although it was made clear that the suspension of Telegram services would be to investigate the allegations, the measure A large number of users were affected Who use it to communicate.

Therefore, the Spanish judge’s decision has been widely rejected, especially in the Bitcoin (BTC) related community.

Amidst the complaints and criticisms, various methods of bypassing the platform block were shared, highlighting the difficulties of achieving a complete suspension. Many people also mentioned alternative platforms. Among them was Mostro, a Bitcoin exchange free from censorship.


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