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Will it affect your plants?


San Diego (KSWB/KUSI) – have been done by researchers in the past How animals react Total solar eclipse, but does it affect plants?

with The next solar eclipse Coming up on April 8, horticulturists and plant enthusiasts alike can expect some changes in the behavior of their plants. The amount of change, however, will depend on its position relative to the eclipse’s path of totality.

According to NASA, many plant species can respond to variable light levels during a total solar eclipse. This is because plants convert sunlight into chemical energy in a process called photosynthesis.

However, during a solar eclipse—when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth—the sky will darken as if it were dawn or dusk, leaving plants with little to no sunlight, depending on where they are on the path of totality. NASA also says there may be changes in the flow of sap or when and how flowers open.

A Research published in Scientific Reports in 2019 See how sagebrush, a woody and aromatic shrub, responded to the last total solar eclipse in August 2017. Researchers have found that because the Moon blocks much of the sunlight from reaching Earth, temperatures drop and vapor pressure changes. Deficiency, which is considered the driving factor in photosynthesis and respiration, or how water moves through a plant.

These changes mess with the sagebrush’s circadian clock, slowing photosynthesis and respiration — a plant process that draws water from the soil and releases vapor into the air — during periods of low sunlight, according to the study.

However, because totality lasted only two minutes, the plant was not affected in the same way as it would normally be at dusk or dawn, the researchers concluded. Instead, the sudden return of sunlight as the moon went away “startled” the sagebrush, causing an increase in activity.

On April 8, NASA and other members of the public will gather data for them Eclipse Soundscapes Project To better understand how a total solar eclipse affects different ecosystems.

you can read Tips on how to watch the April 8 solar eclipse Safely on the NASA website.


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