Antminer, the most efficient Bitcoin miner in history, announced

Bitmain announced a new Antminer series devices. This is the Antminer S21 Pro, which promises to be the most efficient ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) Bitcoin mining device yet.

The manufacturer was announced during the World Digital Mining Summit 2024 conference held in Oman. There, Irene Gao, vice president of Bitmain’s mining division, It has been told The appliance, which is the most advanced model among appliances that use ventilation as a cooling method.

Specific, Antminer S21 Pro offers 234 TH/s hashrate or computing power and 15 J/TH efficiency. Highest for ventilated refrigeration unit.

The product will be delivered during the second half of 2024. Its starting price for customers with Bitmain coupons will be US$18.9 per terahash. That means the price of each device will be US $ 4,422.6. These prices are typically available to larger customers who have the ability to invest in hundreds or thousands of devices in a single purchase.

Antminer S21 Pro Bitcoin Miner Features
The new models of the S21 series have the highest energy efficiency compared to devices using ventilated cooling. Source: Bitmain/Youtube

As CriptoNoticias reported, Bitmain’s S21 series was revealed in September 2023. The manufacturer’s most advanced series includes one of the most powerful ASIC miners ever created, the Antminer S21 Hydro, which Reaches a hashrate of 335 TH/s and energy efficiency of 16 J/TH And works with liquid cooling.

The younger brother of the new device is the Antminer S21, Whose computing capacity is 200 TH/s, efficiency is 17.5 J/TH. Just two months after its launch, the S21 was already making notable profits, as reported by this medium.

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