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Don’t be a poor person saving fake money, buy Bitcoin


Important facts:
  • According to Kiyosaki, “almost everyone” can buy BTC.

  • Kiyosaki said he would buy 10 BTC before April.

Amidst the global economic conditions, saving Bitcoin (BTC) is an approach that wise people have, as they stay away from fake money, such as fiat currencies, which are usually sought by the poor.

so it suggestion of Famous American investor Robert Kiyosaki, author of the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Who’s In

Kiyosaki explains that BTC, as well as gold and silver, are part of “smart money” yes, it must be saved by the people of the world“Who can hold at least one silver coin or 1 bitcoin.”

Kiyosaki said, “Be smart, take action and take care of yourself.” “If you haven’t already acquired gold, silver and BTC then start. Of the three, silver is the cheapest for most people,” he said.

“If you don’t like Bitcoin, I suggest you buy silver coins, preferably American Silver Eagles,” he said.

In another message, stood out The irony of those who accuse Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies of being vehicles to facilitate various crimes is, such as money laundering or terrorist financing, the US dollar is the main tool used for these crises. Something that is recognized by the United States government itself.

Bitcoin at $100,000, now in September

In his publication, Kiyosaki announced that he would add 10 more Bitcoins to the Bitcoins he already owned. That was before the coming month of April. and predicted Bitcoin will trade at US$100,000 in September 2024.

In such a situation, the investor recommended to the people that if they cannot have the full BTC. access to asset shares Through recently approved exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

The new prediction the investor makes exceeds his previous estimate. In February, he assured that BTC would reach US$100,000 in June 2024. At that time, he invited people to invest in this property.

Kiyosaki is one of the investors who most defended Bitcoin and recommended the acquisition of this asset As a way to protect personal finances In the medium and long term.

In this businessman’s opinion, BTC will reach US$300,000 at the end of 2024. Considers postponing an investment a “mistake” In this posture. As you see, “it is important to start”, even if it is “from 500 dollars”.

And although he admits that he does not understand the inner workings of Bitcoin and its technology, he appreciates that there are “very intelligent people involved” in that currency and its development.

Considering the increase in assets, Kiyosaki sees Bitcoin as a way to make some monetary profits And the estimates that are available for the price of that currency.

But Bitcoin managed to demonstrate that it could be much more than an investment vehicle, a new lifestyle based on monetary freedom and sovereignty, away from control. Recurring problems of the state and the traditional financial system.


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