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Stratum V2 update boosts Bitcoin mining decentralization


Important facts:
  • SRI 1.0.0 will allow miners to run their own node, create a template, and connect to SV2.

  • It has a “backup” function in case the pool decides to censor a transaction.

The most commonly used software in Bitcoin mining nodes is a new version of Stratum, which, among other things, improves the decentralization of the product. This version, called SRI 1.0.0, is ready for testing.

This update, Presented In detail by developer Pavlenex, The focus is on increasing the independence of miners and diversity in mining pools.

First, thanks to the translation proxy, miners can now join SV2 pools without updating their SV1 firmware. Additionally, they have the option to connect directly to the SV2 pool using devices with SV2 firmware such as BrainsOS. This improvement simplifies the transition to the new protocol and promotes the inclusion of more miners into the network.

Another notable feature of this update is the ability to create custom block templates for miners, as reported in CryptoNoticias in late 2023, when the Ocean Pool became the first pool to use Stratum v2. This quality gives miners more control over the blocks they mine and reduces their dependence on centralized pools.

Program fall backAlso added to SV2 SRI 1.0.0, it ensures If a pool rejects a block template, miner clients will automatically switch to an alternative pool., This measure serves as a powerful incentive for pools to act in the best interests of miners and prevents arbitrary censorship of transactions.

On the other hand, Stratum V2 is known for its ease of implementation. The SRI Pool software is simple and easy to implement, allowing anyone to deploy an SV2 pool or integrate SV2 into an existing pool using the provided libraries. Pavlenex explains that this access encourages wider adoption of the protocol and strengthens the Bitcoin network as a whole.

As mentioned, Stratum developers claim that this update will promote decentralization in Bitcoin mining. This is mainly because This will enable a greater diversity of pools and more active participation of miners in building the network.

After months of “rigorous testing,” including over 600 blocks mined on the test network, the Stratum team invites all Bitcoin miners to try SRI version 1.0.0 live. Finally, they also encourage volunteers to leave their comments to improve the software in the future.


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