Home News “With Bitcoin, Bukele is redefining the concept of the state”: Max Keizer

“With Bitcoin, Bukele is redefining the concept of the state”: Max Keizer


Important facts:
  • Keizer explains that El Salvador is showing the world what a state can do with Bitcoin.

  • Keizer says the Central American country is emerging as a leader in this new era of global change.

American Bitcoiner Max Keizer believes that El Salvador President Nayib Bukele is revitalizing the government through the adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) as legal tender. According to Cáceres, the Salvadoran president is creating vacancies and reducing the government at the same time, and is destroying the traditional notion of statehood that the world has known for centuries.

Last Thursday, March 21, Keyser shared a video on his X account in which he is seen talking about Bitcoin somewhere in the city of Santa Ana, in the west of El Salvador.

During his eleven-minute speech, the former financial analysis program presenter keiser report, Stand out Bukele’s work as head of government of El Salvador and The relevance that Bitcoin is being given in monetary policy Central American country.

From Keizer’s perspective, Bitcoin ensures that Salvadorans have increased purchasing power while they can be confident that all of their assets will be safe as long as they keep the private keys in their digital wallet.

“Here in El Salvador, from the pupusa seller, They can invest some of their earnings in Bitcoin And, this way, your money will not be confiscated. They will also be guaranteed that their purchasing power will grow mathematically over time.

Max Keizer, American Bitcoiner, part of Nayib Bukele’s team of advisors.

The American Bitcoiner then talked about the main reason why Bitcoin is rejected by many people in the world. This is because of its volatility, he later explained, adding that, even with its volatility, “Bitcoin is a better version of money.” “It’s the perfect money that is demonetizing the entire fiat system.”

He sees it this way because the digital currency guarantees, in his opinion – based on Bitcoin’s historical behavior and internal characteristics – increased long-term purchasing power compared to the continued losses associated with fiat money, as he later explained. .

Also, compare the experience of using Bitcoin surfingArguing that if you know how to navigate this newly emerging global economy, you can take advantage of its potential and sustainability.

For this reason visit Satoshi Nakamoto’s invention Like an ideal store of value, Which is also showing the world what is happening in El Salvador.

Bitcoin and the move towards the light era

For Keyser, El Salvador is emerging as a leader in this new era of global change and marks the beginning of Renaissance 2.0 in the Western world, where Bitcoin adoption brings a sense of peace and financial security.

The work of El Salvador and Nayib Bukele is notable Redefine the concept of the state as the world has known it for 300 years, Now, it is being replaced by a new version, a reinvention of the state that now stores its treasury in Bitcoin and shows the world what a nation can do with the leading digital currency.

Nayib Bukele is the world leader in government adoption of Bitcoin. Source: Nayib Bukele/X.

Keizer contextualizes El Salvador’s adoption of Bitcoin with all that it means for the population. It also mentions the treasure that the Central American country stores in the Bitcoin network. With all this, a small Latin American country is leading a new emerging economy.

“This is a new renaissance, similar to what we saw in the Middle Ages when Western civilization peaked, moving towards the East, while the West entered a Dark Age, we saw the Arab world take over the civilizational preeminence. We are seeing another similar turning point where the previous leaders of the West, the United States, Europe are seeing the emergence of a small Central American country called El Salvador… This is the age of light, which Bitcoin brings.

Max Keizer, American Bitcoiner, part of Nayib Bukele’s team of advisors.


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