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Spain temporarily bans Telegram; Bitcoiners react


Important facts:
  • The blocking follows media complaints from users who uploaded their content to Telegram without permission.

  • The application will be suspended on Monday while the justice system investigates the allegations.

On March 22, Judge Santiago Pedraz of the National Court of Spain ordered the temporary suspension of the mobile messaging application Telegram. The blockade will start from Monday, March 25. This news has caused a stir in various circles such as Bitcoiners and the cryptocurrency community, of which Telegram is very popular.

According to informed of The suspension follows complaints received from media companies such as Telefónica, Atresmedia, EGEDA and Mediaset, a judicial source told the press. It states that they have accused the application of allowing users to upload their content without permission.

In this sense, he says Suspending Telegram services to investigate allegations, Meanwhile, this has an impact on the large number of users who use the application for communication.

according to a report Created last year by the National Market and Competition Commission (CNMC), Telegram is the fourth most used mobile messaging application in Spain, This is after WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

Bitcoiners criticize measures against Telegram

Various actors who have rejected the initiative also include activists seeking cultural change in the country and capitalizing on the adoption of BTC, known as Bitcoin. “Spain (…) has joined the club of the most repressive and censorship regimes on the planet, using ‘copyright rights’ as an excuse,” Revealed On the social network X.

As the author of the book “Active Dissidence: Manual Against the Progressive Dictatorship”, he argued in response to Telegram’s suspension: “Either we wake up now or very dark years await us… It is clear that We have not reached any lower level.” Your opinionThe solution is to “eliminate all alternative information channels Mainstream Government Official”.

Meanwhile, activists, as well as other Bitcoin and cryptocurrency users, They organize through networks so that their communities on Telegram can continue communicating,

Some? he commented In fact, the suspension will have no effect if a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is used. It is a tool that allows you to connect a device to another geographical location while maintaining privacy.

In this context, the pseudonymous Crypto Kakarot ecosystem enthusiast Held Telegram cannot be banned, nor can payments in crypto assets with anonymous wallets be banned because it is impossible to regulate. As CryptoNoticias reported, the latter is something that the European Parliament set out in a set of new laws approved this week.


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