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Willy Woo Bitcoin ETF Investors Trust


Important facts:
  • Capital outflows occurred in the ETF and BTC purchases were recorded in the self-custody wallet.

  • ETFs are used by institutional investors, as they are instruments regulated by the SEC.

Trader Willy Woo analyzes the behavior of investors in Bitcoin (BTC) spot ETFs in recent days, which has affected the price of the digital currency.

In ETFs, capital outflows were recorded in the order of $1.8 billion from ETFs in last 4 days,

for its part, Bitcoin network received $1.1 billion of total net flow. That is, the funds that were directed towards the self-custody wallet, as can be seen in the following image. At the top you can see the price of Bitcoin. At the bottom, in light blue, are total capital flows into BTC and in dark blue, are flows into Bitcoin ETFs.

Exits and entries of the Bitcoin network and ETFs. Source: Willy Woo.

This means that Bitcoin ETF traders They are selling to make profit, or exit your investment due to falling prices. While Bitcoin holders are buying.

After those decisions, Wu They say The people who work with ETFs are the “newbies.” It is understood that the traders are not actually new as they are investors with large assets and in general, they have extensive experience in the market.

but if They are acting like newbies in Bitcoin trading, because they are showing ignorance about market cycles, It is well known that Bitcoin appreciates after the halving, this event is scheduled to happen next month.

So the best thing to profit – assuming that historical patterns will repeat themselves – is to buy these ETFs. Wait for the digital currency to follow its normal course After halving. Some analysts have predicted that the price of BTC could reach $100,000 even before the halving, as expressed by Samson Mo.

Follower of the social network X, pseudonymous Khurram, He asked question what woo said while debating that The analyst also invested in a fund managed by BlackRock (IBIT). “You invested in IBIT and posted about it, when we should be encouraging people to self-protect.”

woo Answer That “not everyone should self-custody (their Bitcoin).” He gave the example of people like United States President Joe Biden or investor Peter Schiff, who “I wouldn’t expect them not to lose their keys” if they held BTC in real life.

What they mean by this is that these are people who probably won’t care about their wallet keys or private keys if they invest in digital currency.

Therefore, to avoid these risks, individual investors and to a large extent institutional investors prefer to use ETFs as a financial vehicle, as they are instruments regulated by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Furthermore, Wu also added When trading with Bitcoin on exchanges, there is no self-custody, Similarly, “I don’t self-protect when I switch between ETFs and public mining companies,” he said.

On the other hand, Wu also Appreciation For Bitcoiners whose assets are between 0.1 and 1 BTC. He expressed this because those investors “stopped accumulating when the situation became critical and then resumed buying in the fall,” as the following graph shows.

Supplying between 0.1 and 1 BTC to Bitcoin users. Source: Glassnode.

This means that this group of investors Was able to take advantage of the recent decline to maintain its position and acquire digital assets,

Let’s remember that Bitcoin reached its all-time high of $73,000 last week Within a few days its price fell to $61,000, Currently it is trading above $63,000.

As CryptoNoticias reported, corrections (bearish movements within a bullish macrotrend) They are normal and healthy tooBecause they can help reduce this increase and keep prices more aligned with the fundamental values ​​perceived by the market.


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