What drives the interest of Spaniards in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies?

Important facts:
  • For Spaniards, ETFs approved in the US bring new investment opportunities.

  • According to a Bitget study, users in Spain prefer long-term investments.

Spaniards’ interest in cryptocurrencies has increased significantly in recent months, especially following the approval of Bitcoin exchange-traded fund Cash (ETF) in the United States, according to a study conducted by cryptocurrency exchange Bitgate.

According to information sent to Cryptonoticias via a press release, based on the study “Investment trends in the crypto sector in Spain 2024” conducted by the platform team, about 70% of cryptoasset investors in Spain They will consider increasing their investment in Bitcoin (BTC).

They say interest in digital currency has skyrocketed after this bounce Number of investments generated with entry into the United States ETF market.

In this sense, they highlight that investment funds are backed by BTC The investment landscape in Spain has changedThe confidence of 60.4% people investing in cryptocurrencies in the country is increasing.

They take into account that, although the option to buy these products has existed on the European continent for years, the presence of American ETFs has opened up new opportunities.

Bitcoin ETFs in Europe have also made efforts to increase the level of competition, reduce their fees, and provide more returns for investors in the region, including Spain, CryptoNoticias reports.

In Spanish, for ETFs, it is as follows become a milestone which has opened up new opportunities To participate in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, allowing new forms of investment. A perception that has been verified through a Bitget study, according to which users in the country believe that investing in Bitcoin is “now safe.”

“Without a doubt, we are witnessing a remarkable change in investment behavior, with an increasing desire to explore and increase investments in these digital assets,” Maximiliano Hinz, director of expansion in Spain and Latin America at Bitget, told the media.

In connection with this, it is noted that the attraction towards ETFs is related to The way Spaniards approach investingGiving priority to those who represent the lowest risk.

Cryptocurrency users in Spain, as study results show They like to take moderate risks. As a result, more than 60% of these investors opt for long-term investments.

This is a large portion of cryptoasset users who generally opt for cryptocurrencies with solid fundamentals and wide adoption. Therefore, Bitcoin has established itself as The most popular digital currency among them (with 38% preference)This is followed by other cryptocurrencies (25%) and stablecoins like USDT and USDC (14%).

The study also confirmed data on the typical profile of the Spanish investor. As other research has shown, it is known that cryptocurrency users in the Iberian country are mostly men (84%), over 45 years of age (53%), and with less than three years of experience in investing in the ecosystem (72%). %) Are. ,

It was determined in relation to its geographical location Catalonia is the most densely populated region Of these investors (33%), followed by the Community of Madrid (14%) and the Valencian Community (12%).

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