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Spain bans Telegram; Mostro emerges as an alternative to exchange Bitcoin


Spain’s national court ordered the suspension of services of mobile messaging application Telegram. This measure will be implemented from March 25.

As detailed in yesterday’s CriptoNoticias publication, This suspension has been done after complaints received from media companies. Such as Telefónica, Atresmedia, EGEDA and Mediaset. These companies accuse Telegram of allowing users to upload their content without the relevant authorization.

The community around Bitcoin (BTC), in general, has rejected what happened, considering it attack on freedom of expression, Additionally, many applications and bot Links related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have been developed in Telegram and Spanish users are prevented from using them – or, at least, with difficulties.

One of these services is Telegram “Residence”. lnp2pbot, It is a bot that facilitates peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange of BTC, putting suppliers and buyers of the digital currency in touch.

From the official lnp2pbot account on the social network recommended For users in countries where Telegram is blocked from using the VPN service. Apart from Spain, Telegram is not available from China, North Korea, Iran and Pakistan.

In the same message, he said: “We are doing mostrop2p in nostra and they can’t censor it.”

Mostro, a Bitcoin exchange that is immune from censorship

On January 26, CriptoNoticias published an article with the headline “Mastro is born, the Bitcoin exchange your government doesn’t want you to use.” That sentence summarizes The essence of Mostro: A Bitcoin exchange without a single point of failure that allows it to be censored, The proposal is developed on Nostra, a peer-to-peer communication network, which in turn is based on Bitcoin.

Nostr is a decentralized protocol that aims to provide Censorship-resistant communication platform, To do this, it uses public and private keys to allow users to send and receive messages without relying on centralized servers that may be susceptible to censorship or control by specific entities.

In February, interviewed by CriptoNoticias, Francisco Calderón, developer of both lnp2pbot and Mostro, said, as if anticipating what was about to happen in Spain just a month later:

“The decision to create Mostro was taken because the bot (lnp2pbot) could be censored by Telegram and anticipating this situation, we created an alternative with the same design, but on Nostr, which makes it resistant to censorship ”

Francisco Calderón, computer developer.

In that interview, Calderón highlighted that Mostro users have complete freedom to do as they wish: «Mostro can be used to pay using any payment method, whether in person or with cryptocurrencies. “We give users the freedom to do what they want.”

This is explained on the website mostro.network This exchange “acts as an escrow that allows buyers and sellers to exchange Bitcoin P2P, reducing risk for both parties, while only holding the asset for the minimum time required.” Could.”

Additionally, “Mostro handles Bitcoin using Lightning Network nodes.” This node “creates organized invoices for sellers and pays regular invoices to buyers.”

At the moment, Mostro is in the testing phase (which does not prevent its functionality from being operational). To use this exchange Is necessary A Nostr profile and a wallet compatible with the Bitcoin Lightning Network. CriptoNoticias has published an article detailing the steps to follow to work within this platform.


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