Home News Memecoins are the “Trojan Horse” of cryptocurrencies: Messari

Memecoins are the “Trojan Horse” of cryptocurrencies: Messari


Important facts:
  • “Memecoins were successful in attracting people to the on-chain world,” Buss says.

  • The executive compares them to buying lottery tickets or ‘penny stocks’.

One of the events of 2024 in the cryptocurrency industry was the massive appreciation and visibility of Memecoin.

These are digital assets without any technological innovation and which do not provide any solution to any problem, but whose name and image are associated with Internet memes or humorous issues.

CriptoNoticias has reported this These cryptocurrencies and tokens caused price increases for several weeks, And, at the time of this writing, it’s actually a meme cryptocurrency that has appreciated the most that day: Dogecoin (DOGE).

Although these assets are generally criticized and warned about their risks, cryptocurrency industry analysis and research firm, Messari, believes that may be beneficial to some extent,

During a recent conference, Maartje Buss, vice president of research at Messari, said, Said,

«Cryptocurrencies are often criticized for not having use cases for the common man, and that’s a fair comment. But, Memecoins have really been consistently successful in attracting people to the on-chain world.

Maartje Buss, director of Messari.

Bus sees memes as a way to attract attention and memecoin creators take advantage of this.

With regard to investing in Memecoin, Messari Manager is not as closed off as other actors in the cryptocurrency industry. He describes it this way “a speculative stock with a long tail”, something like buying a lottery ticket or penny stock (Piggy Bank), At some point their price may increase and the investor may make significant profits.

that’s all it says Thanks to Memecoins, many people learn to use exchanges or download decentralized wallets, For this reason, he considers them “Trojan horses”, as they are the gateway for many people into this ecosystem.

The words of the Messari manager are not devoid of controversy, given that there are people who truly believe that buying Memecoin is an investment, and have invested a lot of money in these assets with the hope of gaining bigger profits. it will happen without you saying anything Most of them don’t make it and instead lose their money,

it can also be thought that Bitcoin (BTC), the quintessential digital currency, doesn’t need memecoins to promote itself, Its resistance to censorship, its scarcity, the historical behavior of its price, and its future prospects should be attractive enough for those who take the time to study those characteristics.


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