KRQE Newsfeed: Teen Joy Rides, Water Concerns, Storms, Election Performance, Cancer Prevention

Tuesday’s Top News

Five events of Tuesday

(1) APD calls out auto theft trend as teenagers steal bait car with minors tow – APD is calling out a trend after they claim two teenage girls brought a group of kids with them in a stolen bait car over the weekend. APD released a video of one of the juveniles being interviewed. He admitted that he learned to use a screwdriver to get into certain cars from social media. Over the past year, APD has seen an increase in thefts of KIA and Hyundai brand vehicles due to a weak design, allowing the vehicles to be started without a key. As many as 50 KIAs and Hyundais have been stolen in a single week in the past few months, APD said.

(2) Uncertainty for farmers as snowpack begins to melt ahead of growing season – The Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District recently provided an update on the irrigation season. Recent snowfall has helped improve the snowpack compared to earlier in the month. Despite improvements, concerns remain over the amount of water available to farmers in the next season and the challenges of effectively conserving it. As the irrigation season progresses, water forecasts remain uncertain. The Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District plans to monitor conditions, giving farmers a clearer picture of what lies ahead during the summer months.

(3) More Afternoon Rain, Snow and Storms – Rain, snow and even thunderstorms are possible again Tuesday afternoon. Scattered rain and snow showers will develop across New Mexico Tuesday afternoon. These scattered showers generally produce light rain and snow accumulations, with some very locally heavy amounts. Dry weather started to prevail from Tuesday night. A warming trend began Wednesday afternoon as dry air returned to the state.

(4) NM Elections Ranked #1 in Nation by MIT Election Data and Science Lab – New Mexico’s elections are ranked best in the nation by the Elections Performance Index, a project of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Election Data and Science Lab. The researchers analyzed performance indicators from the 2022 midterm elections; Measuring voter registration rates, post-election audits, security protocols, ballot rejection rates, wait times and more.

(5) National groups celebrate New Mexico Cancer Support Program – National cancer prevention advocates celebrated the Comadre a Comadre program in New Mexico on Monday. The program includes a focus on Latina heritage and culture, while connecting cancer survivors with patients to support their screening, diagnosis and treatment. Comedor received a $25,000 grant from the Prevent Cancer Foundation last year to continue that work. Comadre was founded by six Latina cancer survivors and their families.

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