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2024 El Santuario de Chimayó, Tomé Hill pilgrimages


NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Every year on Good Friday, many New Mexicans make the annual pilgrimage to El Santuario de Chimayo and Tome Hill. This year, Good Friday falls on March 29.

El Santuario de Chimayó Pilgrimage

The New Mexico Department of Transportation has met with local emergency response personnel to prepare for the pilgrimage and ensure all people are safe while participating. Most people walk by road, including US 84/285, which runs from Santa Fe through Española, Pojoaque, and Nambé. Located between Santa Fe and Taos, the Santuario de Chimayo is considered a sacred pilgrimage site. Many people travel there for the ‘tiera bendita’ or holy dirt.

NMDOT said crews will take the following steps to ensure everyone gets to and from their destinations safely.

  • Crews will set up traffic control devices and pedestrian crossing signs.
  • Walkers will be directed to the on/off ramp at the interchange between Santa Fe and Cuamungu.
  • At the Kwamungu Interchange, orange barrels and signage will direct walkers away from the main line and onto East Front Street.
  • Temporary stop signs will be placed at interchanges to allow pedestrians to pass.
  • All cattle guards along the route will be covered.
  • Additional signage and electronic message boards will also be installed along portions of NM 76 and NM 503 to alert motorists of the high volume of pedestrians on the roadway.
  • Portable light plants will be installed in the area of ​​the Pozoak Wellness Center and at the intersection of NM 503 and CR 84; NM 503 and CR 98; Mile Marker 8 (Apple Shade) on NM 103 and NM 76 and NM 76 to provide additional lighting for night walkers.
  • All traditional walkways will have litter receptacles along them.

The Tom Hill Pilgrimage

People make pilgrimages up to Tom Hill to reach the three croshes that sit on top of the hill. Tommy Hill is located south of Valencia.

Tom Hill pilgrims are asked to follow the rules below:

  • No animals are allowed on the hill on Good Friday. These include, but are not limited to, dogs, cats, horses, sheep and goats.
  • Respect eyesight by limiting the use of cell phones and other electronic devices.
  • Don’t leave extra crosses on the hill. Any crosses left will be removed by land grant staff.
  • Be careful when going up and down hills. Tom Land Grant is not responsible for any injuries while on or around the mountain.
  • Vendors of any kind are not permitted on or near the hill and will be asked to leave by Land Grant staff.
  • Keep the site clean by using trash cans.


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